Mediation is about trust.

"A dedicated mediator earns the parties' trust by knowing the case and case issues,

demonstrating deep understanding of the parties' interests,

zealously guarding neutrality and confidentiality and

working vigorously and creatively to explore all options

to help the parties reach a balanced meeting point.

The art and skill of mediation requires knowing how and when to push,

the use of humor, and endless patience and persistence."


Energized Mediation

Always looking for new challenges, Mike has been a trial lawyer, law school teacher and judge.

  • Mike loves working with lawyers to help resolve cases.
  • As a trial lawyer, he tried, arbitrated, mediated and pre-tried all sorts of cases. He saw how other judges worked and he developed his own style. It works.
  • As a judge, he was often picked by the lawyers to resolve their cases.
  • Mike frequently presents to lawyers, insurers and corporations. He has taught at the state-wide Judges' Education Conference, including, "Settlement Strategies."


Mike is thrilled to be affiliated with ADR Systems and is actively mediating and arbitrating. He is known for his friendly and effective approach as well as his creative solutions and persistence. He is also available for facilitation, consulting and teaching.


See, Mike's Seven Principles of Mediation